Premier Housing Co-operative

Affordable Housing Loans

Premier Housing Co-operative (PHC) is a private co-operative fund pooled together through savings/contributions and investment by members and stakeholders for members to access affordable housing loans for the actualization of their dreams to own houses.

Objective: To create a pool of funds to assist members in achieving our objective of fund empowerment and provision of affordable housing

Loan Details

Tenor of contribution for eligibility
Loan requirements for members
Loan Tenor
Loan interest rates
Loan amount to be considered

Our Current Projects

Gloucester Housing Estate

Sierra Leone

Our Company, Sparklight Property Dev. Co. (SL) Ltd is involved in development of Modern, Gated, Quality and Affordable Housing Estate in Gloucester Town, in the outskirt of Freetown.
The project, when completed, will comprise of 250 units of residential houses.



Sparklight Grace Court Estate

Ikota, Lagos

The Sparklight Grace Court houses a number of 2-3 bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom terrace duplex



Gateway Sparklight Estate

Magboro, Ogun State

All Apartment types in this estate include a Big main lounge, Visitor’s toilet, Kitchen and store, All Bedroom en-suite, Entrance terrace and Paved compound .

Facilities and Infrastructure


Fairview Sparklight Estate

Lekki Annex 2, Lagos

The Sparklight Grace Court houses a number of1-3 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartment extendable to 4, 4 bedroom terrace duplex, and 5 bedroom bungalow



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