About Us

Premier Poverty Alleviation Initiative (PPAI) was established to economically empower people in all sectors, and across the board through the provision of micro-credit, encouragement of savings among members, and provision of skills acquisition and social amenities.

We are focused on empowerment by integrating a networking plan to achieve an exponential increase in membership strength alongside financial rewards for marketing the product. Doing this would empower members of the society, especially the economically active poor, to become financially stable.


PPAI is the first private housing fund in Nigeria whose major goal is to empower one million members in the next 2 years to become financially stable, with emphasis on Agriculture and home ownership with affordable mortgage.

Our Mission

Empowering members to become financially stable.

Our Vision

To create a pool of funds to assist members achieve goals of financial empowerment, thus creating wealth.


Founder's Message

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Get empowered to become financially stable as a member of Premier Poverty Alleviation Initiative. As a member, you can benefit from micro-credit loans, savings plans and our provision of skills acquisition and social amenities.

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